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We advise anyone with an unemployment benefits issue in Washington State. If you are an employee, not an employer, and you have been fired, laid off, or otherwise lost your job, we can review your case for you. We can review your case even if you have lost an appeal or the time for appeal has passed.

If you are dealing with…


Do you have a hearing scheduled? Is it coming up soon? Our online appointment system means you can get the advice you need when you need it. Before your hearing.

In addition to pre-hearing consultations we also represent people with qualified cases at their hearings, so you don’t need to show up alone.


If your employer fired you, in most cases you are entitled to unemployment insurance benefits unless your employer can show that you were fired for misconduct.

Laid off

If your employer does not have any work for you, or your position was eliminated then you have been laid off. We can advise you about benefits denial, alleged overpayment, and any other complex questions.


Even if you quit, you may have quit for a reason that counts as “good cause” that will allow you to collect unemployment insurance benefits.

Denied Benefits

If you have been denied benefits there may be a reason to get ESD to change its decision. We can advise you about your chances, and potentially help you through the process.


An overpayment is when ESD says that you got paid more than you owe. It comes with a demand to give the money back. We know how to deal with notices alleging large overpayments. Don’t go to a hearing without knowing the facts and the law!

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

There are a number of steps you need to take when you apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and you may need to provide additional documentation even after you received your benefits. Contact us if you need help with this process.

Able, Available, and Work Search Cases

In order to continue receiving benefits, you may need to demonstrate that you are able to work, available for work, and that you are actively looking for work. We can help you navigate this process.

Filing Appeals

Did you receive an unfavorable ruling from an Administrative Law Judge? We can help you file a “Petition for Review” with the Commissioner’s Review Office.