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Securing The Unemployment Benefits You Deserve

If you applied for unemployment benefits and have been denied, or if the Employment Security Department says you owe them money (that you have an overpayment), you may need legal help. ESD often makes mistakes that can cost you money. Our skilled legal team can help you get the benefits you have earned. At the Seattle office of Washington Employment Benefits Advocates, PLLC, we work hard on every case to get you what you deserve. We’ll look at your case and talk with you in plain language about what the next steps in the process are and what you can do to get the most benefits.

Understanding Job Separations

When evaluating your claim for unemployment benefits, it is important first to determine whose decision resulted in your job coming to an end. If you were fired or laid off, it was the employer’s decision. If you quit, it was your decision.

If you were laid off because of a lack of work, you are automatically entitled to benefits. If you were fired, your employer must prove you were fired for misconduct, otherwise, you will be eligible for unemployment benefits. If your former employer alleges misconduct, we can help you dispute such a claim.

If you quit, you will need to demonstrate that you quit for one of 12 specific good cause reasons. We can help you determine if your circumstances qualify as one of the 12 good cause reasons.

Get The Guidance You Need

If you recently stopped working, you may still be able to receive income through various benefits. Let us help you get the income you need to make ends meet. Contact our Seattle office by calling 206-257-7498 or emailing us here to schedule your free initial consultation today.