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Services And Pricing

Free Consultation

What to expect from the free initial consultation?

At the consultation, you’ll meet with one of our expert attorneys by phone or by video over Zoom. After you set an appointment time using the scheduling link above, you can upload relevant documents so that we have a chance to review them before speaking with you.

We’ll ask you questions to determine whether you have the kind of case that might benefit from our representation. We’ll talk you through the process of the appeal and the next steps and give you information about what services we offer. We’ll also give you upfront pricing so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Questions? Call us at 206-257-7498

Representation At A Hearing Or Appeal

For some cases we are able to offer a contingency fee. You only have to pay a $250 preparation fee and then a percentage if we get you money.

Percentage of Winnings + $250 Fee

Representation At A Hearing Or Appeal

For other cases we charge a reasonable flat fee.

$1900 Flat Fee